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What is a clinical research study?

Clinical research studies are scientific investigations designed to find answers to specific health questions. Studies can help doctors find ways to treat disease and improve healthcare. Clinical studies often look at new drugs or new combinations of drugs (new or old), new surgical procedures or devices,or new ways to use existing treatments. These studies are a vital part of the process by which new treatments are approved for use.

Why would you agree to take part in a clinical research study? 

Participating in a clinical research study gives you a chance to play a active part in your own healthcare and help others, too. It might help you directly by giving you access to an investigational drug or procedure you would not otherwise be able to receive at that time. Or, you may agree to participate just so you can contribute to medical research, even though you may not receive any direct benefits from the research.

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Why Participate?

Participate in a clinical study and you'll help not only yourself, but also the thousands of others who will benefit from the trial's results. People participate in clinical trials and medical studies for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you want to help others with a similar medical condition. Maybe you've exhausted established treatments.

If you've exhausted other treatments, taking part in new studies allows you to try different options. You may be looking for improvements in treatment over medicines currently available. Medical trials give patients access to new treatments before they're widely available to the general public. By participating in a clinical trial, you are taking an active role in your own health care, and potentially gaining access to tomorrow's treatments... today!

FAQs About Participating in Clinical Trials

Q: Are the staff looking out for my best interests?
Long before we ask you to participate in a research program, there are many months of preparation. Aside from the actual writing and design of the trial, there is a committee called the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or HIRC that reviews the protocol for its safety and ethics. This mandatory process alone can take one to two months.

Q: Will you be considering my physical and emotional needs rather than treating me like my problem is all in my head?
We choose a study that meets your personal needs. To do this, we consider such things as your age, gender, symptoms, other medical conditions and medications.

Q: Can I feel comfortable talking about personal and potentially embarrassing issues with the staff?
It is imperative that you share all of your medical history and symptomology with us. This ensures safety for you, and this provides essential information when evaluating study results. All the information you share with us is 100% confidential. Volunteers are never identified by name, social security number, date of birth or any other identifying factor when analyzing data,  reporting results to a sponsor or in an article in a medical journal, for example.

Q: I have no health insurance. Will participating in a clinical trial provide me with study medication, physical exams and lab work at no cost?
It is not necessary to have medical insurance to participate in our program. If you do, we would never charge your insurance. All of our programs require that you have a limited physical exam with our nurse practitioner or one of our physicians. We do not serve as your primary care physician and we do not take his or her place, but for those of you who do not have insurance we are happy to provide this service. Some of the programs require lab work and others require a general medical examination. The results of the tests are available to you for your personal medical record.

Q: Can I participate even if it doesn't benefit me directly? I would do anything to help have a better understanding of my condition and work toward better management of my symptoms.
Your altruism is to be admired, and if it were not for the hundreds of people like you that do volunteer, our program would not exist. Your time is greatly appreciated. Together, we hope to find answers, and possibly new questions, that will lead to improved quality of life for you and the hundreds of thousands that experience similar symptoms.

Participate in a study

If you are interested in participating in a study, please contact us for information on how to register. Please do not include any personal or medical information in your request at this time. Please include your telephone number and Advanced Research Associates will contact you with information for registration.

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